MATIZ, a leading manufacturer and exporter of Elevators, Escalators, Moving Sidewalks, Smart Car Parking System products with a wide sales representatives network, covering more than 60 countries and regions and a workforce in excess of 600 people. 

Our mission is Higher and Faster. We are a driving force of safety in the elevator industry and are ocntinously looking for ways to improve our safety performance in both our product ranges and production facilities. We are committed to the same excellent standard in both two manufacturing sites--Zhongshan factory and Nanjing factory. This consistency ensures that our products are of supreme quality and produced efficiently using environmental-friendly manufacturing process. 

Our two headquarters, each is focusing on R & D, create new products and are dedicated to our continuous improvement and to reaching new levels of design. This is certified by more than 170 patents, including 1 international patent.

MATIZ lifts products are confirmed to the European Latest Lift Directive EN81-20:2014 and the local standard.These high-quality products have been exported to Australia, New Zealand, Indonesia, Malaysia, Russia, Italy, Spain, etc for more than 60 countries.

Vertical Transportation

It is not only beautiful but also safe.MATIZ adopts nine protection devices as high-efficient safety protection system ,making passengers are under 

protection all the time and enjoy the scenery at ease.

The fashionable design of MATIZ PANORAMIC ELEVATOR integrates the 

architecture aesthetics with various shapes,such as half-round,round,square,etc,highly improving the the architecture 


MATIZ PANORAMIC ELEVATOR is built outside of the building equipped with a broad sightseeing ,making passengers enjoy all the scenery.

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Escalators and moving walks

High-strength truss platform, strengthen the steel plate, build steel frame, even in the outdoor, can easily cope with all kinds of weather.

Strict safety devices are designed, such as handrails with entrance safety 

devices, emergency stop buttons, cascade operation safety devices and so on, all over the escalator, always for the safety of passengers.

Variable frequency control technology can be selected to realize different speed operation and reduce energy waste according to the amount of 

passenger flow.

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Smart car parking system

Safety light curtain,security guardian

Intensive straight and cross light curtain has an intelligent induction to make sure the cars safely enter and exit.

Both sides door opening,free control

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Passenger Boarding Bridge

All-weather pick-up

Simple operation

Safe and reliable


Humanized measures are thoughtful

Flexible configuration

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Company timeline

In 2005, MATIZ started its operations in Shenzhen, which is the first special economic zone in China.
In 2009, MATIZ exported the first lifts to South Asian country.
In 2013, MATIZ started to producing smart car parking system.
In 2015, MATIZ inaugurated a state-of-the-art factory located in Zhongshan, China.
In 2016,  MATIZ started to produce passenger boarding bridge for airport and seaport, which has installed in Taiwan, Shanghai, Xiamen. 
In 2019, MATIZ successfully designed and installed a 2000kg 8.0m/s passenger lift in its test tower which is over 100 meters high

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Marketing network

MATIZ has a wide network of sales representatives all over the world and is committed to expanding the global market, seeking cooperation all over the world, building a wide and fast-responding domestic and foreign market management network. AGENTS / DISTRIBUTORS ARE WANTED! Welcome to contact us for further discussion.

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